Linda Queally is a Los Angeles based Mixed Media Artist and a Spiritual Seeker.  She works in acrylic and fine art paper on Claybord in her vibrant mystical paintings, and with cultured pearls and mixed metals in her simple, elegant jewelry designs.

She is currently working on a series of Pen & Ink and Gouache sketches from a forty day trip to Italy, France and Scotland.

Linda studied Art and Design at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. She's a Certified Pearl Specialist with CPAA and a Certified Gemologist, SCC.

An award-winning artist, her work has appeared in movies and television, including the hit movie “La La Land”.  She has exhibited nationally and names the National Swimming Pool Foundation among her collectors.

Linda is an avid traveler, and it's in her journeys that she gathers inspiration and materials for her work.

Artist Statement...

For a time I became disenchanted with painting.  Although creating my large colorful canvases of swimmers brought me joy, something was missing for me. Working from my conscious mind, I had been documenting a scene that already existed. I stopped painting. I reflected. 

Then the Magic happened.

Browsing at gem shows on my travels, the mermaid centerpieces and creamy lustrous pearls called to me. They begged me to take them home, and then started appearing in my jewelry designs. And as my love for them grew, I began to think… what if I painted them as well?

As I dove back in, mermaids and mermen appeared and had a story to tell. I had found the link between my art and my subconscious mind, and it was what had been missing for me. Working in acrylic and mixed media the work became play.

I saw clearly that we are all connected, and that the birds and the butterflies, the fish and the flowers wanted to know these mystical folk just as much as we did. The flora and fauna in my pieces often wear, carry or blossom pearls, while the mermaids and mermen, gods and goddesses are almost certainly adorned in them. 

My water spirits invite you to expand your thinking and entertain the idea that there is more to life than we consciously experience. And the pearls serve as a reminder that we are all beauty formed from adversity, and that we are all, indeed one. 

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December, 2020

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