Artist Statement...

There are two things that stand out from my childhood.

One is an enchanting triple strand of round, creamy pearls that called to me from my mother's jewelry box. I was magically drawn in by their elegance, beauty and femininity.

The other is my grandparents’ lake home on the outskirts of town.  In that happy place I recognized early on a deep connection to water.

These two elements, pearls and water, are the common threads that weave through my work, sometimes appearing independently, and often intertwined. 

The pearls can appear quite literally, regally adorning a Mermaid or Merman in one of my mystical paintings, or in simple, elegant jewelry designs to bring pleasure and delight to the wearer.

Other times the pearls appear metaphorically as drops of water, in anything from the tranquility of a bathtub, to the bubbles of a fountain, to the splash of a swimming pool, to the froth of the ocean.

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November, 2023

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October, 2023

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December, 2020

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September, 2017

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